[Web] Different statuses of Captio reports

A report can have different statuses, depending on where it is in the creation and approval process. Here you can see a short explanation of each one:

  • Draft status: Initial status of the report. In this status you can add, remove and edit the receipts of the report. The report can stay indefinitely in draft status, no data is lost and you can keep changing the receipts whenever you want.


  • Status Pending approval / Approval requested status: Once the user has requested approval, Captio will send the report to his supervisor, and the user can no longer modify it.
    If there is no workflow set up in the corporate environment, the report will be sent to the administrator account and the status of the report will be Approval pending / Approval requested.

If there are workflows created in the environment, the status will correspond to the name of the stage in which the report is currently found, such as Stage 1.


  • Rejected status:If the reviewer considers it appropriate, your report may be rejected for different reasons, this means the report is sent back to your inbox of pending reports with the Rejected tab. You will receive an email indicating the change in status of the report and comments submitted by your reviewer at the time of the rejection. When a report has the latter status, you can make amendments to it, like when it was in Draft status, and you can even delete the report to make the receipts return to the Available receipts tab. When the report is corrected you can reapply for approval from your reviewer.



  • Approved status. If your reviewer believes that the report is correct, they will approve the reimbursement of your expenses. This will mean that the report changes tabs in your user view and goes from the pending tab to the approved tab. These reports will not be able to be amended any more, since this is when the accounting department of your company processes the data in the accounting system and there could be discrepancies if anyone were to amend the information.


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