[Web] Complete the information from a receipt: incomplete receipts

On some occasions, the automatic extraction of information fails to fully extract the information from a receipt. This is usually associated with the quality or characteristics of the loaded image. 

We call these incomplete receipts. Captio will automatically detect these cases and mark them as “processed with errors”. In these cases, the user can edit and complete the missing information. 

This process can be carried out either from the mobile application (receipts marked as incomplete) or from the website, on the Capture tab.

You can see the image of the receipt and the information that the system has recognised by clicking on Edit. Note that, if the system has not recognised the date, it will display today’s date, and if this is not edited, the receipt will be saved with that date.

Once you have added the information that the image does not contain or that the system has not read, you can save the receipt with the Save button and it will disappear from the Capture tab to be displayed in the list of Pending Receipts.

It is important to remember that the Capture tab includes the incomplete receipts and also those that are in the phase of automatic extraction of information. The latter cannot be edited, but you can see your image by clicking on the clip. They disappear when they have completed the process and the information has been successfully extracted.

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