[Web] Using Workflows in approval flows

Workflows are used to manage report approval flows.

To create a workflow, go to the Workflow section in the Settings section.Then type a name for the workflow in the Name field and select the type of workflow in the Type field.

The available workflow types are:

  • Reports: workflows for report approval flows.
  • Advances: workflows for advance approval flows.
  • Travels: for travels approval flows.

NOTE: The workflow types available may vary depending on the configuration of your environment.



The workflows are organised into review stages. To add a stage, click on the Add button.

The following fields need to be configured in the stages:

  • Step: reflects the name of the stage. This text offers information so that users can identify the approval stage of their report.
  • User: denotes the user in charge of this review stage.
  • Rejection: this is the action that will occur if the Report/Trip/Advance is rejected.That is, this must indicate what stage the report needs to revert to if this stage/reviewer should reject it.
  • Permissions: reflects the permissions that the reviewer will have on the report at this stage.
  • Alerts: defines the alerts to be managed at this stage.


NOTE: If you create a workflow without stages, it will be a self-approving workflow. That is, when a user requests approval, their reports will not go to any reviewer and will self-approve.



The permits available for a stage are as follows:


  •  Alerts: The reviewer can see the alerts on the report. The alerts section indicates which of them this reviewer can see in this step.
  • Delete: The reviewer can remove receipts from the report. The receipts are not deleted, only removed from this report and returned to the user’s list of pending receipts.
  • Edit Receipt: The reviewer can edit receipts from the report. The data detected by Captio (amount and date) can also be edited
  • Email: The reviewer will receive an email notifying them that they have a report to review.
  • Skip step: The report will move to the next step, omitting this reviewer, if they do not have any of the alerts defined in the Alerts section.




User assignation

Once the stages have been created, the users who will be affected by this workflow need to be added. To do so, you need to go to the Users section and select the Manage users option.  

The User assignation window will open.In this window, users who we want to add to the workflow can be selected. 

Once users have been selected for the workflow, close the window with the button in the upper right-hand corner.

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