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This article offers basic guidelines for familiarising yourself with the use of Captio version 4 and the main changes compared with the previous version.

Make sure that you have the latest version of Captio installed on your mobile device.

  • Quick Start Guide

The first change is the inclusion of a quick start guide as a first point of reference for new users. The first time that you access Captio and before the login screen, users will have to briefly enter the tutorial that introduces them to the methodology and benefits of Captio. 


  • Login

Once the application is updated, enter your normal e-mail and password to access your account.  Captio will perform an initial loading to synchronise your data. This process is only carried out when logging in.

After finishing the synchronisation process, you will be taken to the Captio main menu.



  • Capturing a receipt

To capture your first receipt, select the icon with the Captio logo on the bottom part of your screen.

Once you have captured your first receipt, you will enter the list of receipts.

For subsequent captures, you will be able to continue using the icon on the bottom part of the screen. Your receipts will appear in a list with the status “Uploading data”. The uploading process will last a few seconds.


Once the receipt has been uploaded, its status will change to “Reading data”. This phase can last a while and the date, the name of the supplier and the amount will be automatically extracted. Although it is processing, if you select the receipt you will be able to categorise it and add information.

Furthermore, in this new version, you will be able to make several consecutive captures without the need to categorise them at that time.  In other words, you will have the option to categorise your expenses at the same time as the capture is made or afterwards. 


  • Main menu

The main menu contains the different options for Captio. To open it, click on the icon with the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of your screen.

This menu can be accessed from all the screens. It can also be accessed from the main menu on the settings screen. 


  • Reports

Accessing the reports section from the main menu, you can make notes on your expenses and request their approval. In this section, in addition, you can see your notes on already approved expenses. 


  • Notifications

Notifications keep you permanently informed about new features in the expense settlement process.

Notifications are divided into two different categories. In the mailbox there will appear informative notifications like “Your report has been approved.”

In the “My Tasks” section will appear those notifications that require an action you; for example, when there is a report requiring your revision.


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