Account configuration

You can log in into your account on Once you're inside, go to "Configuration" section, on the top right drop-down menu. 


Personal data: 

Here you can change your password and setting up your language preferences. On secondary tab "preferences" you will be able to change your currency, check your mileage group and also to set up the out of the office feature. 

What is the Captio Out of the Office feature?

If you are responsible for supervising another person's activity (approving reports, advances or travel requests), and you are going to be out of the office, you will be able to designate someone as responsible for doing it in your place.

Activate the Out-of-the-Office feature


You just have to choose a person from the list of accounts, apply a start and end date, and save the changes. The person you have selected will receive an email to inform him or her of their new tasks. For your peace of mind, remember that all your substitute's activity will be recorded in the report history.


Delete account in Captio

If you have a free independent account (that is, you do not belong to a company), you can exercise your right to delete your account (which entails losing all the data on your expenses and reports) using this same panel. To do this, just click on the "Delete Account" button and confirm that you agree, entering your password, on the following screen. Remember that this process is irreversible: none of the information that you delete can be recovered.

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